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The site is useful to those who are interested in the construction of a wooden house. On this page you will find general information about us and construction. More information about the houses, what they are built from, how many species they are, you can see on the page “wooden houses”. About what baths are, what they are built from, can be on the page “baths”. You can learn about roofs, roofing materials, equipment, see photos, read about the design of roof systems on the page “roofing”

Experience in the construction of wooden houses for 18 years



Why much depends on specialization?

Firm “Erker” specializes in the design and construction of wooden houses, log cabins made of logs, log cabins of timber, frame houses. And also we build baths, garages and other buildings. More than 300 projects completed. The construction of wooden houses has its own characteristics, in contrast to the construction of stone houses. This is expressed in almost everything, from the design, which is carried out in the specialized K3 cottage program, the delivery of materials, placement on the site and ending with the assembly of the house.


4 Features of the construction of wood

First, the tree requires careful handling, storage should be done so that the logs and boards do not lose their properties, remain white, do not burn out and do not turn blue. Secondly, the construction of wooden houses can not be allowed to pollute logs. Thirdly, warehousing, trajectories of movement on a site, directly installation and installation of logs should be calculated in advance at the stage of budgeting and working out the schedule of works. Fourth, cramped conditions at the site require coordinated work on the supply of materials and construction. So that the work on the assembly of the log house did not stop, there was no interference, the object must be exactly the necessary logs.


Assembly of the log house

Building a log house is a very important process of building a wooden house. Much depends on how the logs are mounted. High-quality connection is achieved due to the good geometry of the logs, competent nagalerovaniya, the use of additional fasteners, many details, taking into account the design features. The quality of construction is the proper shrinkage of the house, the conflict-free work of the whole structure, therefore, comfortable and trouble-free operation of the house.

We offer log houses from rounded logs. Calibrated or rounded logs have several advantages. Such as manufacturability, production speed, the same quality of the entire batch of logs, i.e. if the groove width is set to 10 cm, then it will be the same everywhere and will not decrease to 5 cm under any conditions. This makes the result more predictable, i.e. it is known in advance what the logs will be and what the house will be.


The service life of a wooden house depends on whether the tree is dry or not. If you could drain the water from the roof and protected the house from moisture, the house will last for hundreds of years. Firm “Bayer” has extensive experience in roofing, especially with natural tiles on wooden houses. Since the structure is shrinkage, the roof can also be “sliding”. This means that the roof system may have some features that allow the rafters to move, if necessary, during the shrinkage of the log house. Properly made roof – a pledge of good condition of the wooden house.

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