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Construction of wooden houses St. Petersburg

The uniqueness of wooden houses




Construction of wooden houses. Experience 20 years.



We learn the uniqueness of something by comparison. Wooden houses occupy a separate niche in the market. And it is not possible to replace them. Selection is a process of comparison, a search for properties and qualities inherent in one object or a group of objects. We are always looking for contrast, difference, and based on the data we make a decision. Wooden houses can have the same composition of premises, the same shapes as houses made of other materials. But the meaning of buying, or building is different. Meaning means why?

What meanings does a wooden house create? It would seem the same as other houses. Place, living space, habitat. It has the same parameters – dimensions, height, length, volume, area. You can make a brick, monolithic, and wooden house equally comfortable. Fill it with all the achievements of science and technology. Plumbing, furniture, dimmable lighting, household appliances, climate control – everything that creates comfort and convenience. But the individuality, the incomparability of wooden houses only intensifies. Becomes brighter.

Photos, any images do not give a complete picture of the atmosphere of a wooden house. Something lends itself to formulation. Warm wood color, pleasant to the touch texture, unique annual ring patterns and knot patterns. A clear geometry and a given rhythm of cylindering, or vice versa, the absence of straight lines in a frame made of hand-processed logs. The smell of wood.

Identity is akin to experience. You can tell about it, show something, but it cannot be conveyed. You need to survive. So that it becomes your experience. This is what people buy wooden houses for.

Firm “Erker” St. Petersburg

The Erker firm specializes in the design and construction of turnkey wooden houses, log cabins from rounded logs, beams, frame houses. We build baths, garages, sheds and other buildings. More than 300 projects completed. We make houses – we know their features, differences from stone houses. Specialization manifests itself in almost everything, from the design, which is carried out in K3 cottage, to a special program where log houses are designed. In the correct logistics, the placement of materials on the site, and, of course, in the proven assembly technology.

wooden houses, large windows on the pediment of a wooden house

construction of wooden houses St. Petersburg

Features of wood construction

Firstly, the tree requires careful handling, it is necessary to store it so that the logs and boards do not lose their properties, remain white, do not burn out and do not “turn blue.” Secondly, when installing wooden houses, contamination of the material must not be allowed. Thirdly, storage, trajectories of movement around the site, installation and installation of logs should be calculated in advance at the stage of budgeting and scheduling. Fourthly, the cramped conditions on the site require a well-coordinated supply of materials. In order for the assembly of the structure to move without stopping, there was no interference, the necessary parts, in accordance with the drawings, must be supplied to the object.


Assembly of a log house is the most important process of building a wooden house. Much depends on how the logs will be mounted. In order to achieve a high-quality connection, you need to use the logs of the correct geometry, properly heal, use additional and original fasteners, and take into account design features. Professionally mount false boxes, or salaries. To build with high quality – to make sure that the house sits correctly and the whole structure works without conflict. Subject to these conditions, you will be able to operate the house comfortably and at low cost.

Calibrated or rounded logs have a number of advantages. Such as manufacturability, production speed, the same quality of the entire set. If the groove width is set to 10 cm, then it will be the same everywhere, under any conditions, and will not decrease to 5 cm. Standardization makes the result more predictable, i.e. the quality of the logs and the characteristics of the house are known in advance.

construction of wooden houses
roofing works on wooden houses
Roofing works in the construction of wooden houses

The lifespan of the house depends on whether the tree is dry or not. If they were able to drain water from the roof and protected the log house from moisture, then the house will stand for hundreds of years. Firm “Erker” has extensive experience in roofing works with natural tiles, metal tiles, soft roofing. Since the structure is shrinkable, the roof can also be “sliding”. This means that the rafter system may have some features that allow the rafters to move. A properly made roof is a guarantee of a good condition of a wooden house.

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