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Bath projects. Experience 20 years. Facilities in Russia and abroad

Choosing a bath project

The first is the composition of the premises. How many rooms should there be? Steam room, washing room, rest room, vestibule, bathroom? Purpose of the premises – the steam room will be separate or combined with a washing room. Where can I undress and sit?

The second is size. How many people will go to the bath. The dimensions of the steam room depend on this. In practice, in most cases, two go to the bathhouse, a maximum of three. You need to know the growth of people and plan the sizes of shelves for them. Decide in advance what the steam room will look like – it is sewn up with a lining or it is important to leave the log walls open. The type and power of the furnace depends on the volume of the steam room. Everyone’s preferences should be taken into account – someone likes to take a shower, while someone is used to washing from a basin and does not want to change traditions. So, you should organize a place under the bath bench.

The third is preferences in architecture. Log or beam. Where it will be located on the site. Do I need to transfer individual receptions from the main house to the bath? Type of roof and type of roofing.

And, of course, the cost of a set of materials, and the cost of work. Each project can be made of logs of different diameters. The greater the thickness, the greater the volume of logs in the kit. Contact us for cost.

Bath projects – work on comfort

The technology of construction of wooden houses has been known and unchanged for the last five hundred years. All nodes and connections are worked out – choose the one you need. Even if the project looks like a modern house, the design uses the same long-known principles. Architects and designers are faced with the difficult task of how to develop and create new spaces. The situation is even more difficult when designing baths. Bath projects up to 6 x 6, worked out to the smallest detail. Created 200 or 300 projects with various combinations of premises, roof geometry. It seems that it is impossible to come up with anything new. The task can be formulated as follows – nothing can be changed, you can only improve. But if higher creativity is the art of living, then it is necessary and possible to adapt projects to the latest requirements.

It should be noted that the bath is the most complex structure in terms of the composition of the processes. There are high temperatures and high humidity, serious requirements for fire safety and ventilation. But it is not enough to satisfy all the requirements for the design, you need to create comfort. As an example, you can take a bath door. Entrance doors, it is wise to use metal, are less subject to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Doors from the vestibule to the recreation room are often installed deaf, wooden. From the rest room to the washroom – wooden, often with a small glazing area. Glass doors for saunas with tempered glass are installed from the washroom to the steam room. Moreover, the color “bronze” creates a yellow, sunny tint, and when you look into the steam room, everything seems to be amber, saturated with sun and warmth. Those. the example of doors shows that the study of the smallest details opens up great opportunities for creating a comfortable, modern bath

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