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Choosing a bath project

The first is the composition of the premises. How many rooms should there be? Steam room, washing room, rest room, vestibule, bathroom? Purpose of the premises – the steam room will be separate or combined with a washing room. Where can I undress and sit?

The second is size. How many people will go to the bath. The dimensions of the steam room depend on this. In practice, in most cases, two go to the bathhouse, a maximum of three. You need to know the growth of people and plan the sizes of shelves for them. Decide in advance what the steam room will look like – it is sewn up with a lining or it is important to leave the log walls open. The type and power of the furnace depends on the volume of the steam room. Everyone’s preferences should be taken into account – someone likes to take a shower, while someone is used to washing from a basin and does not want to change traditions. So, you should organize a place under the bath bench.

The third is preferences in architecture. Log or beam. Where it will be located on the site. Do I need to transfer individual receptions from the main house to the bath? Type of roof and type of roofing.

And, of course, the cost of a set of materials, and the cost of work. Each project can be made of logs of different diameters. The greater the thickness, the greater the volume of logs in the kit. Contact us for cost.

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