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Construction of baths from the rounded log +79533576014

Experience 18 years.. Objects in Russia and abroad.

What baths are we building

We have designed more than 300 wooden houses and baths. Bathhouse designs can be viewed here.

Mobile, which can be easily transported from place to place, with shelves transformers for the rational use of space.

Built-in saunas in houses, sheds and garages, assembled like cubicles. Steam rooms fully mounted in separate rooms.

Separate next to the house are small steam baths, where you can steam, warm up after a working day.

Baths with combined steam room and washing.

And also we build baths, which can be called bath complexes. They have lounges, separate rooms for billiards, gyms, rooms for the pool, kitchens, terraces, as well as various auxiliary rooms, such as drovennik, vestibule, etc. With complex, multi-pitch roofs, which involves professionally performed roofing.

It follows that at your request, we can choose a project suitable for the composition of the premises, architecture, and appearance. If necessary, you can refine, stylize, design, make a “mirror” option for convenient placement on the site and to satisfy all requirements.

Wall material

What are we building from

As a wall material for baths, we use a rounded log, timber or frame.

We offer bath sets made of cylindred logs with a diameter of 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm. The cost of the bath depends on the diameter of the log. The larger the diameter, the greater the volume of logs. The larger the diameter, the more thoroughly the bathhouse and the longer it will serve. However, the thickness of the logs is not the only and not the main reason for the long service life. If we talk about the optimal size, then the diameter of 220 mm, for a bath, is used in most cases.

The beam can be either glued or just from solid wood. If the bath has a complex architecture, it is more convenient to use the frame as a wall material.

If you compare the baths from different materials, then a set of cylindred logs will be cheaper.


Full construction

We perform construction and finishing work. As a result, you will receive:

Good steam in the steam room (a properly selected oven for power, a well-insulated steam room, faultlessly organized ventilation).

Pleasant stay and easy operation of the bath (ergonomic shelves, convenient and safe fencing of the stove, adjustable lighting, organized supply and drainage of water).

Work examples

Bathhouse made of logs with a diameter of 220 mm +79533576014

baths construction +79533576014

construction of baths Two-story bath

Bath 6x6. Turnkey construction baths

Steam room in the bath

The lamp in the steam room

bath with a pool. bath construction

red tiles on the bath +79533576014. baths construction

Entrance to the steam room

steam room with electric oven

log sauna. turnkey construction baths

steam room without flashing with lining with ventilation in the box

ventilation in the steam room from the aspen trunk

fencing of the furnace in the steam room from the aspen branch

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