Bath 4×4

S = 16,55 sq/m.

image of the Bath 4x4 according to project No. 1



Bath 4×4

One-story log sauna

Project No. 1, 4×4 bathhouse with a vestibule and a canopy over the entrance, with a total area of 16.55 sq. M. With its small size, it has a composition of premises that provides comfort and ease of use.

The bathhouse was designed and built of rounded logs with a diameter of 220 mm. The set includes about 18.5 meters of cubic logs. Because the pediments are also made of logs, and if they are made from a frame, then the volume of the kit will decrease even more.

Bath 4x4 plan for project No. 1

Composition of premises

Tambour – 1.94 m / sq
Rest room – 6.3 m / sq
Washing room – 4.18 m / sq
Steam room – 4.14 m / sq
Total area 16.55 m / sq

Features of the project

A successful project, with a small size – 4.4 x 4.6 m along the axes, has a good composition of premises. The bathhouse is designed for two people. The steam room is compact, one might say standard. Two-storey shelves, 2 meters long, do not interfere with the oven enclosure. Convenient washroom with shower and benches for traditional wash from a basin (for amateurs). A recreation room with a small floor area, but large.

The ceiling was lined with rafters and the height reaches 4 meters. The tambour cuts off cold air and makes the atmosphere in the rest room comfortable. Also, the vestibule can be used as a place for storing a stock of firewood, or a place for storing household equipment.

bath project No. 1 cut

view of the bathhouse according to project No. 1 from the main facade

The bathhouse has not large dimensions, but it is very proportional, it can easily be placed on any site and will fit into the overall architectural ensemble.

The heating of the stove is planned from the rest room. In order not to carry garbage from firewood throughout the bath. And to create additional comfort – the flame in the stove can be seen through the glass door from the rest room.

An additional roof above the entrance protects against rain and snow. The main gable roof is designed with a sliding rafter system. But there is an opportunity to switch to a rigid rafter system, and even save on the volume of logs included.

bathhouse according to the project No. 1 from the rounded log

image of a bathhouse according to project No. 1 from a log of 220 mm

view of the bathhouse according to project No. 1 from the side of the relaxation room

facade of the bathhouse according to project No. 1

facade of a log bath according to project No. 1

facade of the sauna according to project No. 1

facade of a sauna made of logs according to project No. 1

We offer sets of baths and houses made of logs with a diameter of 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm. The cost of a set of materials depends on the diameter of the log.

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