Bath made of logs

S = 34.79 sq.m.

Bath made of logs



Bath made of logs

Project No. 13

One-story bathhouse made of rounded logs, with a total area of 34.79 sq. M., Of which 8.76 sq. M. terrace area. The bathhouse was designed and built from logs with a diameter of 260 mm. The volume of the set of logs is approximately 40 cubic meters. A decrease in volume is possible when switching to a smaller diameter.

bath plan for project No. 13

Composition of premises

Terrace – 8.76 m / sq
Tambour – 3.7 m / sq
Rest room – 11.07 m / sq
Washing room – 4.7 m / sq.
Parilkv – 5.52 m / sq
Bathroom – 1.04
Total area 34.79 m / sq

Features of the project

The dimensions of the bathhouse almost reach the dimensions of 7 x 7 m. The blockhouse is very similar to project No. 4. But the composition of the premises is close to ideal (if possible). Due to the expansion of the bath, a bathroom has been added to the plan, the steam room and the washing room have changed places. The size of the steam room has increased and the size of the washroom has decreased. The plan shows the classic, two-tier L-shaped shelves measuring 2700 x 2000 mm. Very comfortable and well-proven in practice.

section of the bathhouse according to project No. 13

view of the bathhouse according to project No. 13 from the terrace

The rest room is isolated, with an entrance through the vestibule. Also, due to redevelopment, the place where the furnace firebox is brought out into the corridor has changed. Now, it is located to the left of the entrance, which is very convenient. The “dirty trajectory” is short, you can throw firewood and not carry garbage throughout the bath.

The size of the terrace allows you to place a sofa or bench. Terrace railings are made of logs, lightweight with cutouts and half-shells, in the general style of a bath.

Design features

A sliding rafter system is planned on the gable, practical roof. The level of roofing work is not above average.

Very comfortable sauna for two, maximum three people.

bathhouse according to the project No. 13 from logs

image of a bathhouse according to the project No. 13 from a log of 260 mm

view bath project №13

facade of the bathhouse according to project No. 13

facade of a wooden bathhouse according to project No. 13

facade of a log bath according to project No. 13

facade of the banip log house project No. 13

We offer sets of baths and houses made of logs with a diameter of 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm. The cost of a set of materials depends on the diameter of the log.

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