Bath project 6×4

S = 22,38 sq.m.

Bath project 6x4



Bath project 6×4

One-storey bath

Bathhouse project 6×4, with exact axial dimensions 4.1 x 6.6 m, total area 22.38 sq. M., Of which 2.47 sq. M. terrace area. If there is a cramped situation on the site. And there is no way to place a bath with a width of more than 4 meters, then this project is what you need.

The bathhouse is designed and built of rounded logs with a diameter of 220 mm. The volume of logs required for construction is approximately 18.5 cubic meters.

bath plan for project No. 9

Composition of premises

Steam room – 4.31 m / sq
Washing room – 4.31 m / sq
Rest room – 8.81 m / sq
Terrace – 2.47 m / sq
Utility room – 2.47 m / sq
Total area 22.35 m / sq

Features of the project

A kind of bath. Unusual project in an additional, separate utility room, which is rare. Moreover, the exit is provided to the terrace. It is convenient to store a supply of firewood for several sauna days in the back room. As for the interior, the recreation room is quite spacious. Four meters wide. There is a place to sit, drink tea and relax after a bath. The washroom is compact, but allows you to equip a spacious shower room.

section of the bathhouse according to project No. 9

view of the bathhouse according to project No. 9 from the terrace

The steam room is designed for two. L-shaped shelves are designed so that two people can lie down and not hinder each other in their movements.

The terrace reliably protects the front door from rain or snow. And provides a comfortable entrance and exit from the bath.

The furnace firebox is brought out to the rest room. Yes, perhaps this is the best accommodation option for this project.

The bathhouse was built with a hip roof. But redesigning into a simple, gable, is not difficult.

bathhouse according to project No. 9 from logs

image of a bathhouse according to the project No. 9 from a log of 220 mm

view bath project №9

facade of the bathhouse according to project No. 9

facade of the sauna according to project No. 9

facade of a log bath according to project No. 9

facade of the bathhouse made of logs according to project No. 9

We offer sets of baths and houses made of logs with a diameter of 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm. The cost of a set of materials depends on the diameter of the log.

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