Bath 6×6

S = 24,08 sq.m.

bath 6х6 project №12



Bath 6×6

One-storey bath

Project No. 12, bathhouse 6×6 m, with a total area of 24.08 sq. M., Of which 1.74 sq. M. terrace area.

The bathhouse is designed and built of rounded logs with a diameter of 220 mm. When installed on a stove, the volume of the set of logs is approximately 20.5 cubic meters.

bath plan for project No. 12

Composition of premises

Steam room – 5.61 m / sq
Rest room – 8.44 m / sq
Tambour – 2.63 m / sq
Terrace – 1.74 m / sq
Washing room – 5.65 m / sq
Total area 24.08 m / sq

Features of the project

Another version of the bathhouse project 6 by 6. It features an open, small terrace, without fences. The project provides for a steam room with L-shaped, two-tier shelves measuring 2400 x 2200 mm, where two people can lie down comfortably. The furnace is brought out to the vestibule. This is a very practical solution.

The bathhouse is designed for two to three people. However, the area of ​​the rest room allows four guests to sit at the table. The size of the washroom makes it possible to organize a shower room or two, put a bench for washing from a basin (for amateurs), and hang a tipping bucket. The washroom has enough potential for the estimated number of visitors.

section of the bathhouse according to project No. 12

view of the bathhouse according to project No. 12 from the terrace

Design features

The rafter system in this project is rigid, non-shrinking. Despite the fact that the gables are assembled from logs, there is no log ridge. On gables, additional measures should be taken to predict shrinkage of the logs. It would be logical to design a ridge from a log, and create a sliding rafter system. Or completely switch to a wireframe system. To do this, make everything above the Mauerlat from the frame. Sew up the gables with a log simulator. However, in this project a combined system has been created, which is not common.

A simple gable roof allows you to use any kind of roofing.

bathhouse according to the project No. 12 from cylindred logs

image of a bathhouse according to project No. 12 from a log of 220 mm

type of bathhouse for project No. 12

facade of the bath №12

facade of a log bath No. 12

main facade of a log bath No. 12

facade of the bath 6x6 according to project No. 12

We offer sets of baths and houses made of logs with a diameter of 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm. The cost of a set of materials depends on the diameter of the log.

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