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The decisive benefits of cylindred logs

We offer a cylindred log of even diameters, i.e. 200 mm, 220 mm, 240 mm, etc. up to 320 mm. Rounded logs have several serious advantages that allow them to position themselves in the market, produce high-quality wooden houses, attract buyers for many years, satisfy their requirements and look ahead with confidence. A rounded log allows you to build houses of any complexity and size (limited by SNiPs), makes it possible to combine structures – such as the first floor is stone, the second wooden, the first of the rounded log, the second frame, you can also introduce glued beams into the structure of logs, i.e. quite flexible to solve tasks.

The advantages of rounded logs include technological effectiveness, i.e. the ability to accurately reproduce a large number without losing quality. Production of OB (round logs) is not only processing up to a certain diameter, but a lot of operations – cutting cups, making a longitudinal groove, making an unloading cut, antiseptic, packing, drilling holes for pins, trimming the ends, making grooves for openings, marking according to the project.

Also, the predictability of the result can be attributed to the benefits. You can be sure that if you set the groove width to 100 mm, then it will be that way, and will not float from 50 mm to 150 mm. If you set the diameter of the logs 300 mm, then you get 300 mm + – a couple of millimeters, and not a spread from 200 mm to 300 mm.

And I must say that the machine does not know how to cheat, when the cutter processes the log and finds rot, then it can not get around, this place, but will certainly reveal the flaw, will make it visible. The advantages include the easy replacement of any log. If during transportation any element was damaged, or the carpenter made a mistake, or the log on the site received severe damage, then it can be replaced without problems.



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