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Design of rafter systems

For what?

The design of the rafter system is required for the construction of new houses, during the repair, updating of old ones. You can create additional volumes, increase the usable area, in the case of pre-sale preparation, invest relatively little money in the alteration of the roof and significantly increase the cost. When creating the drawings, we use the K3 program – the cottage. Visually, in the total mass of the cottage, the roof is up to 50 – 70%, i.e. more than a half. The role of the roof in the general view of the building cannot be overestimated. New rafters and a well-made roof, radically changes the appearance. For roofing, manufacturers give a guarantee of up to 50 years, however, the condition for reliable operation of the roof is the strength of the entire structure.

What are rafter systems

Rafter systems on wooden houses come in two types: sliding and rigid, non-shrinking. In the manufacture of the sliding system, a hinge assembly is created at the top, and the possibility of sliding along the slams and supporting walls. Mobile rafters work well in a gable roof, loading a ridge and pediments. Currently, fasteners for moving parts are easy to buy, it is in almost all major stores. Also, mobility must be taken into account when installing the drainage system, because the overhang is pulled out and can pull the pipe along with it.

A non-shrinking, rigid system is used to save logs when there are a lot of slopes, in order to avoid a conflict in the design, the rafters should not move towards each other in the valleys. The mark is selected above which the house is built from the frame. This allows you to distribute the load from the roof, either evenly or at predetermined points. In the frame, such a task is easily solved.

How is design done?

The design of the rafter systems begins with the receipt of the task, you need dimensions, elevations and wishes that you want to get as a result. A frame is designed that will receive and distribute loads from the rafter system. Skates, runs, valleys of necessary sections are installed, complex joints are worked out, rafters, wind and windshields are installed.

A list of everything necessary for construction is compiled, taking into account the roofing material (soft roof, metal tile, cement-sand tile), drainage system, ventilation penetrations, lightning protection, and other auxiliary elements. Then an estimate is made, if necessary, changes are made to the design and the estimate is adjusted, the desired result is achieved.

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rafter systems design +79533576014

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