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We have been building and repairing roofs for 18 years. We make roofs on houses, baths, sheds, arbors. Work begins with a power frame. We design a rigid or sliding rafter system. We think over, count nodes. We are working on decorative elements of rafters, hanging dibs, crossbars, jibs, wind and windshields. We coordinate with the Customer the methods of filing the cornices – from the top or bottom of the rafters. We are considering the possibility of installing drainage systems. If necessary, we will talk about the features of roofing, their properties, pluses and minuses, what type of roof, what coating is suitable, and about favorable operating conditions. Compare the reliability and warranty of manufacturers. We perform roofing work.

roofing rafters

Types of roofing materials we work with:

  • Natural tiles, cement-sand tiles (Braas, Sea Wave).
  • Metal and decking
  • Soft roof (flexible bituminous tile of Katepal, Ikopal, TechnoNIKOL, etc.)
  • Sheet roofing material (Ondulin, etc.)

roofing gray shingles braas

Types of roofing work that we perform:

  • installation of the rafter system
  • production of decorative elements
  • cornice filing
  • ground preparation. Film, counter lathing, lathing, installation of valleys, windshields and wind boards
  • manufacture and installation of shaped elements – droppers, wind slats, junctions
  • installation of a plastic or metal gutter system
  • installation of skylights
  • installation of roofing, ridges, skates
  • lightning protection device
  • installation of ventilation penetrations
  • installation of technological hatches and stairs
  • snow retention
  • repair and replacement of any roof part

We are prepared for tasks of great complexity. They built a roof on a wooden house 24 meters high with 63 faces. We are able to work at high altitude in climbing equipment. When the roof is of the highest complexity and it is difficult to work according to the drawings, a layout is made. Work is being carried out on the project and on the layout at the same time. We have such a rare experience.

roof layout

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Work examples

  The image of snow retention on the tiled roof. roofing

green valley roofing tiles BRAAS


with natural tiles.

Green, cement-sand

Frankfurt roof tiles Braas.

Solid roof

natural tiles

with snow retention,

on a sliding rafter system

Image of part of roof slope with green roof tiles. roofing

image of a long valley on a tiled roof

photo of a slope of a roof with a tile of brick color

lateral tiles green color

tiled roof against the background of Lebanese cedars

roof endova made of natural brick-colored tiles. roofing

water drainage

green roof

roofing tile laying

зеленая франкфуртская цементно песчаная черепица

green tiles on autumn background

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