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Arguments for a soft roof

On this page we will talk about nailed soft roof. By saying this, we mean the flexible bituminous tiles of TechnoNIKOL, Katepal, Ikopal, Tegola, etc. It is supplied with chopped elements molded to a specific type of tile with spraying. The assortment of flowers is large and there are even unique ones, the analogues of which are not found in other types of roofing. This is a significant and very important reason to opt for shingles, but there are still good reasons.

The main convenience of using a soft roof is hidden in the ease of trimming, giving almost any shape. The excess in the part to be nailed is cut with a knife, right in place, no need to remove and cut at the bottom, no need to use a special tool, such as a “grinder” or circular saw. Trimming during the work is minimal, some parts can be used in other places. The smallest amount of waste is not only in square meters, but also in volume, it is easy to dispose of them, clean the site.

Flexible bituminous tiles are the best solution for roofs with complex geometry. Slopes having a radius of curvature, i.e. spherical in shape or consisting of a segment, parts of the sphere are most easily covered with a soft roof. Also, if there are a lot of intersecting faces on the roof, then a soft roof is the optimal solution – minimum waste and ease of operation.

An advantage for our latitudes is a low avalanche hazard. The rough surface resists well and holds snow. Often, snowdrifts melt on the roof, and do not fall down, even without snow retainers.



But not only benefits; there are also disadvantages. Preparing a roof for a soft roof is more complicated and expensive compared to natural tiles and metal tiles. Flexible tiles can only be mounted at a positive temperature, i.e. it’s possible to nail something (the instruction says about preheating), but you can’t talk about speed and quality. At high temperatures, the coating becomes malleable and cannot be walked on. The warranty is less than on cement-sand tiles.

This is a brief overview of the pros and cons. Someone needs color, someone needs a guarantee. I hope this article will help you make the right choice of roofing.

valley on the soft roof

flexible bituminous tile of techno-nikol installation of a soft roof

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