Wooden house project 6×6

S = 45.73 sq.m.

Wooden house project 6x6



Wooden house project 6×6

Country classics

Project No. 3 of a wooden house, measuring 6.3 x 5.4, one of the versions of a country house 6×6, with a total area of 42.73 sq. M. The area of the first floor is 29.78 square meters, the area of the second floor is 13 square meters. The house is designed and built from rounded logs with a diameter of 220 mm.

plan of the first floor of a Wooden house project 6x6

Composition of premises

First floor:

Bedroom – 4.71 m / sq;
Kitchen – living room – 19.81 m / sq;
Bathroom – 5.23 m / sq
Second floor:

Bedroom – 13 m / sq
The total area of the house is 42.73 m / sq.


The house is suitable for a family of two, with the ability to receive and accommodate, for a short time, guests on the second floor. It can be considered as a guest house next to the main large house. Or, as a house for a recreation center or camping. The main purpose is a country house, for recreation outside the city.

Construction time

Turnkey construction will take several months. If you start construction in the spring, then in the summer you will already be resting in your all-season home. Wooden houses are considered lightweight. Any type of foundation is suitable for such a house – pile, columnar, tape or slab. Assembling a log house will take several days, the rest of the time will be spent on roofing and finishing work. The exact construction time depends on their complexity and volume.

plan of the second floor of a wooden house project 6x6

view of a wooden house project 6x6

Ease of use

The second attic floor is easily insulated, closed and there is no need to heat the additional volume in winter. The project is easily modernized. Can be expanded to increase the area of ​​the bedroom. Attach a terrace, veranda, or a spacious vestibule for ease of use in the winter season. For permanent residence, it is advisable to build a shed in the kit for storing things, gardening tools, bicycles and everything you need for a comfortable pastime.

It is not necessary to build a bathhouse, because all the amenities are provided in the house. But for those who like to steam, you can put a small steam room module next to it. In general, this is a good option for those who like to spend time outside the city, but do not want to invest in building a large house.

image of a wooden house project 6x6

wooden house on the project number 3 of logs

wooden house from a log with a diameter of 220 mm on the project No. 3

the first floor of a wooden house project 6x6

image of the second floor of a wooden house project 6x6

We offer sets of houses and baths made of cylindred logs with a diameter of 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm. The cost of the kit depends on the diameter of the log.

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