Wooden houses

Wooden house with a tiled roof

What kind of houses are we doing

Types of wooden houses

Wooden houses, log houses, can be from logs of different diameters, at least 7 diameters, dry logs and natural moisture, i.e. the assortment grows to 14. We offer round logs of “even” diameters – from 180mm to 300mm. Usually, the groove width is half the diameter, however, we can increase the groove width

From glued laminated timber of different sections, you can choose 5 sections (for example). From the massive timber, profiled and not, also about 6 – 7 sections, dry and natural humidity, i.e. the number of sections of timber grows twice – to 14. Total log cabins – about 35 options.

But there is also a framework that can be made from boards, logs, massive timber, laminated veneer lumber and a large number of combinations of all frameworks. Therefore, if you have a house project, you can do it in at least 40 variants, and each will have its own pros and cons, and each will be called a wooden house.

The choice of a wooden house.

Depending on the task, we choose a more suitable diameter of logs or a cross-section of the timber, we design, we assemble, we make everything necessary. We build houses “on a turn-key basis” from a rounded log, a bar, and also frame designs, it is also possible to buy separately only a frame.

The unique properties of wood provide a constant circulation of air and form a special microclimate. The tree absorbs toxins well. The newest technologies and the adherence to the traditions of wooden construction provide ample opportunities for creating trendy and stylish interiors.

Having made the decision to build a country house made of wood, you will be pleasantly surprised by its price. If you count to the end, to the state “turnkey”, then the house of the rounded logs are the cheapest.

The list of buildings that we do


  • Turnkey residential wooden houses
  • Private baths
  • Public bathhouses
  • Houses for guests
  • Hunt houses
  • Outbuildings (garages, sheds)
  • Pergolas, small outbuildings (booths, ryazhi)
  • Improvement elements
  • Combined houses (first floor stone, second wooden)
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Hotel-type buildings, wooden houses of the hotel type.
  • Any log houses
  • Roofing works on wooden houses

Our advantages

The construction experience is 18 years old.

There is an experience in the construction of wooden houses with an area of up to 1,500 square meters.

We build wooden houses and saunas of any complexity.

A large amount of knowledge in roofing has been accumulated.

Work examples

Photo of a house with a bay window

Photo of a wooden house made of logs with a diameter of 240 mm

Wooden house with a balcony

blinds woodshed

wooden house made of logs 280mm

modern wooden house

gazebo made of logs

house made of dry logs

house made of logs 280mm with a green roof

large windows on the pediment of a wooden house

panoramic windows on a wooden house

wooden house 8 x 10 from logs 240mm

wooden house with turrets

wooden house with terrace

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